100% Peruvian Virgin Hair


  1. Can I pick up my order?  No. At this time all orders are placed via our website and will be shipped directly to you
  2. How many ounces are in each bundle?  Each of our bundles are approximately 4.0 ounces
  3. How long does shipping take?  Typically hair is delivered within 6-8 business days. Except on holidays where shipping may take slightly longer.
  4. When will my Hair be shipped? Hair that is ordered by 5pm that business day will begin to be processed within 24-48 hours and then shipped out within 5 business days.
  5. How many bundles do I need to order? Typically you need 3 bundles for a full head. To achieve a fuller look please order 4 bundles.
  6. What type of closures do Hair's 2 Beauty sell? We offer lace based closures. Our closures allow you to part in multiple directions. Closures are sold separately from bundles.  
  7. Do you have a money back guarantee? Due to the nature of our business we only accept exchanges within 7 days of receiving it. All hair MUST be returned in original packaging (including bundle tie). If hair has been tampered with such as combed, washed, or installed all refund guarantees will be voided. To process a return, please email hairs2beauty@gmail.com with the reason for your refund request & your order number so that we may provide you with our return address.
  8. How long will my hair last?  With proper maintenance and care the hair will last up to 12 months. We recommend a paraben free shampoo.
  9. Can I color my hair?

    Peruvian Virgin hair can be colored and highlighted. To be sure you get the color you want, we suggest that you do a patch test first, and allow your professional stylist to color it for you. We do not recommend coloring the colored hair, as it has already been processed for color.


  1. Peruvian Body wave

    100 % Virgin Hair. Can be dyed, washed, and styled to your desire. Full head requires 3 bundles. For longer lengths we suggest 4 bundles.

    Peruvian Deep Wave

    100% Virgin Hair. Can be dyed, washed and styled to your desire. Please note curly hair will look shorter than the length stated, please stretch hair to achieve measurement.

    Peruvian Straight

    100% Virgin Hair. Can be dyed, washed, and styled to your desire. For a fuller look please order 3-4 bundles.


 Hair Care Upon Receipt of hair

Always inspect the hair before installation. Leave the bundle intact. If there are any problems with the hair, you should be able to detect them at that time. For Virgin Hair, when performing the cowash, leave the bundle intact and check for excessive shedding or any issues. If you find any issues at that point, please contact us, before installation or alterations.


100% Virgin Hair must be co-washed (wash hair with moisturizing conditioner) in order to transform the hair from it's raw state. You must perform the co-wash BEFORE you make any alterations to the hair (color, perm, etc).



Step 1. CoWash the Hair
Step 2. Rinse Thoroughly with cold water
Step 3. Air Dry
Step 4. Install


• Shampoo/Condition at least once a week 
• Use a paraben free shampoo 
• Do not massage.
• Rinse thoroughly with cold water
• Apply conditioner and comb through with wide tooth comb, starting with the ends working your way up to your scalp.
• Rinse thoroughly.
• Let air-dry.


• Use styling products minimally to avoid build up.
• For Wavy & Curly Hair use bottled Distilled Water for a natural look.
• For a "WET" look, we suggest a mixture of Leave-In Conditioner & Water.
• We recommend a clarifying shampoo every 7 days
• Before going to bed, braid your hair into one loose large braid at the back of the neck.
• After waking up, undo braid.
• Dampen hair with a water bottle.
• Comb through (wide tooth comb) beginning at the ends and working your way up to roots.
• Scrunch up hair gently to reform curl.
• Let hair air-dry.
• Style as desired.



While minimal shedding is normal, there are steps you can take, to ensure the longevity of your investment.

Prior to installing your hair, use weft seal to protect your investment. Weft sealing is applying a sealant to the weft to prevent shedding. Follow instructions according to the sealant packaging.



Never sew through the top of the weft. Putting a needle through the weft will damage the weft and cause shedding. To assure your wefts are kept in good condition and long lasting, we suggest sewing around the weft.

Although the extension hair is real, it is not receiving nutrients from the scalp like your own hair. Please avoid excessive heat.  The more you use on it, the shorter the life span of your hair. We cannot guarantee that the hair will remain silky if you use the blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron.

If you perm, tint, bleach or cellophane the hair, you do it at your own risk. We do not guarantee any hair that has been chemically altered. If you must chemically alter it please consult with a professional hairstylist. Before any chemical alteration please be sure to do a test strand first. This will allow you to test how the hair will hold up to the chemicals.